Specialists from UESTC visited CARDC

2018-02-12 12:21:47

On the invitation of Facility Design andInstrumentation Institute, CARDC, Prof. Chen Li, Prof. Li Bin-cheng and Dr. SunQi-ming from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China(UESTC)visited CARDC from 24th to 25th January, 2018.

Prof. Chen Li and Prof. Li Bin-cheng gavelectures titled “Non-destructive test technology based on thermal wave imagingand its applications”, “Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy and itsapplications”, respectively, and visited Icing Wind Tunnel, Labrary ofNon-contact Measuring Technology, and some facilities of Facility Design andInstrumentation Institute.

Prof. Chen Li’s research interests include laserscattering, photo-acoustic spectrology, spectrometer with high resolution,photothermal test and thermal wave imaging, etc. Prof. Li Bin-cheng mainly dothe research on reflectivity and absorbability measurements of optical instruments,micro-gas detection and characterization of semiconductor material, etc.

         The visit enhancedmutual understanding and laid a good foundation for both parties to strengthenexchange and cooperation.