Liebherr and Low Speed Aerodynamics Institute jointly and successfully completed the commissioning of 3m × 2m Icing Wind Tunnel Hot Air Supply System

2018-02-12 12:23:43

From February 1st to 2nd, Liebherr-AerospaceToulouse SAS (hereafter referred to as “LTS”) and Low Speed AerodynamicsInstitute of CARDC (hereafter referred to as “LSAI”) jointly and successfullycompleted the commissioning of 3m × 2m Icing Wind Tunnel Hot Air Supply System.

LTS is a world-class supplier ofaircraft air management system, which provides air management systems forAirbus 380, Airbus 320 and Boeing 747 aircraft. In December 2016, it proposedthe C919 Aircraft Wing Anti-icing Test needs, which is planned to be carriedout in 3m × 2m Icing Wind Tunnel in the second half of 2018, and the entireprocess will be in accordance with the airworthiness certification standards.

The purpose of this commissioning is toverify the performance of hot air supply system and to ensure that itsperformance can meet the test requirements. After two days of jointcommissioning, the results show that the hot air supply system meets the testrequirements and LTS fully admired this newly developed hot air supply system.This commissioning test is a milestone in preparation for the C919 aircraftwing anti-icing test, and laying a solid foundation for the C919 aircraft winganti-icing test.