Recent successful land gear acoustic experiment in the CARDC Wind Tunnel Research Laboratory 0.55m×0.4m Acoustic Wind Tunnel

2018-02-12 12:25:20

      Recently, the acoustic characteristics ofland gear were studied experimentally in the 0.55m×0.4m Acoustic Wind Tunnel ofCARDC Wind Tunnel Research Laboratory. The experiment was completed by ZhengwuChen and Yong Liang, two associate researchers of Key Laboratory of aerodynamicnoise. They located the sound source of land gear by an array of 80microphones, and measured the sound pressure level and sound direction by anotherround array of 70 microphones.The flow velocity of the experiment varies from20m/s to 90m/s. The 0.55m×0.4m Acoustic Wind Tunnel implemented laminarboundary layer inlet condition in the test section, and provided flow withinitial turbulence intensity low to 0.05% for all the required velocities. Inthe experiment, Chen and Liang disturbed the inflow to obtain data that cancompare noise generation for laminar and turbulent conditions. Also, theychanged the height between land gear and cavity, and investigated the characteristicsof sound. With the background sound pressure level as 78dB, measured at flowvelocity 80m/s and 2m away from nozzle in the anechoic room, elaborate data ofsound source localizations, sound pressure level, sound direction, and soundpower spectral density were collected for different flow conditions,velocities, and geometric parameters.