Recent successful experiment of cylindrical noise with different porous out layers in the CARDC 0.55m×0.4m Acoustic Wind Tunnel

2018-04-17 11:29:48

Recently,the acoustic characteristics of cylinder with different porous out layers werestudied experimentally in the 0.55m×0.4m Acoustic Wind Tunnel of CARDC WindTunnel Research Laboratory.The experiment was completed by Doctor Arcondouliswhois a researcher of South University of science and technology. Doctor YongWang, Doctor Yubao Song and Doctor Kun Zhao from the Key Laboratory ofaerodynamic noise in CARDC are also the main participants of the experiment.Single microphone was used to measure the noise of cylinder with differentporous out layers.The flow velocity of the experiment varies from 20m/s to 70m/s.Withthe background sound pressure level as low as 78dB,measured at flow velocity 80m/s and 2m away from nozzle in the anechoic room, elaboratedata of sound pressure leveland spectrum were collected for different flowconditions, velocities, and porous out layers.