SKLA Inviting Dr. Hu from Southampton University UK for Visiting

2018-05-23 11:21:39

On April 8th–9th, the State Key Laboratory of Aerodynamics (SKLA) invited Hu.Zhiwei Hu from Southampton University in the UK for visiting, conductingresearch exchange on prediction and control of shock/boundary-layerinteraction, and acoustic problems on high-speed trains. The header of thelaboratory Professor Xunnian Wang and related researchers attended this event.

Dr. Hu gave presentationson the research activities in Department of Aeronautics and Aerospace, Schoolof Engineering and Environment, University of Southampton, covering thefollowing aspects: shock/boundary-layer interaction, acoustic problems onhigh-speed trains, high-order numerical modelling etc.

     Researchersin SKLA introduced the laboratory and some main research works to Dr. Hu. Theydiscussed researches on turbulence, transition, shock/boundary-layerinteraction, high-order numerical schemes, acoustics etc, which made a goodinitial step for the following cooperation in the future. During the stay, Dr.Hu also visited some research wind tunnels, including 3m x 2m Icing WindTunnel, 5.5m x 4m Acoustic Wind Tunnel, 1.8m x 1.4m Low-speed Wind Tunnel andthe water tunnels.