CARDC is launching a new English journal

2018-06-07 15:21:25

In order to expand the international influence of the Chinese aerodynamic researchresults and share the international frontier technology in aerodynamics, CARDCstarted to launch a new English journal in March 2017. Now, the launching workis steadily moving forward with the help of Chinese Aerodynamics Society. Thejournal name Advances in Aerodynamics(short for AIA) and the editorialboard have been established. The editors in chief are Kun Xu (professor of the HongKong University ofScience and Technology), Zhigong Tang (chiefengineer of CARDC), Dongsheng Wen (professorof BUAA and Leeds University). The editorial board has 46 members. With thepurpose of publishing the first issue in 2018, the first editorial boardmeeting will be held in Chengdu on 14th-15th December. Meanwhile, the firstinternational symposium on advances in aerodynamics (short for IS-AIA) will behosted. The symposium will invite researchers and engineers from universities,academic institutes, and industries all over the world to exchange ideas anddiscuss the future directions of aerodynamics.