Prof. Gareth J. Bennett from Trinity College Dublin visited CARDC

2018-07-11 11:29:50

On 28 June, Prof. Gareth J. Bennettfrom Trinity College Dublin (TCD) visited CARDC to discuss potential researchcollaboration,invited by the Aerodynamics Noise Control Lab of the Low SpeedAerodynamics Institute. The visit was hosted by the Chef Engineer of theInstitute, Mr. Jiang Yubiao. The director of the Institute, Dr. Sun Haishengalso attended the discussion.

As a famous researcher, Prof.Bennett is the only irishmember of theaeroacousticsspecialist committee of theCoucil of European Aerospace Societies (CEAS-ASC), senior member AIAA,memberofthe European Mechanics Society, member of the International Institute ofAcoustics and Vibration, etc.He was a visiting scholar to NASA in US, supportedby the FulbrightScholarship.

Prof. Bennett first gave a presentation abouthis research on the aeroacoustics in his EU projects. In addition, he made someproposals for the potential collaboration that can be made between CARDC and TCD.Dr. Kun Zhao from CARDC, who was the PhD student of Prof. Bennett, introducedthe research projects and facilities in the Aerodynamics Noise Control Lab, andDr. Song Yubao reported his research on the acoustic meta-material. After the presentationsand the subsequent visit to the lab facilities, both sides agreed to strengthenthe collaboration in the future, withfurther discussion made on the detail ofthe collaboration.