Recent successful airfoil flow and noise experiment in the CARDC Wind Tunnel Research Laboratory 0.55m×0.4m Acoustic Wind Tunnel

2018-07-18 10:03:48

Recently, the mechanism and acousticcharacteristics of airfoil separation flow were studied experimentally in the0.55m×0.4m Acoustic Wind Tunnel of CARDC Wind Tunnel Research Laboratory. Theexperiment was completed by Shoutu Li, a researcher of Lanzhou University ofTechnology. Doctor Qin Chen from Wind Tunnel Research Laboratory is also themain participant of the experiment. Single microphone was used to measure the soundpressure level and spectrum of NACA0016 airfoil with different inflow velocity.The inflow velocity of the experiment varies from 8.5m/s to 40m/s. The0.55m×0.4m Acoustic Wind Tunnel implemented laminar boundary layer inletcondition in the test section, and provided flow with initial turbulenceintensity low to 0.05% for all the required velocities.In the experiment, theattack angle of airfoil varies from -15 degree to 15 degree, and Particle ImageVelocimetry(PIV) system was used to measure the characteristics of airfoilseparation flow.