Researcher of CAI participated in the SH-SSP 2018

2018-08-15 09:21:42

On January 8th to February 16th,research assistant Feng Yi attended the SH-SSP 2018 (South Hemisphere SpaceStudies Program 2018) held by ISU (International Space University) and UniSA (Universityof South Australia) in Adelaide, Australia. There are 51 participants from 15countries attended the program.

This program include a one week SpaceEnglish Access Course (SEAC) for the participants from non-English-speakingcountries, 43 Core Lectures, 20 Workshops, 4 Public Events, 2 parallel TeamProjects, Team Building, Debate, 2 Quizs and a Final Examination.

After 44 days of study, research assistantFeng Yi completed all the study courses, passed the Quizs (The scores are GradeA) and the final team project presentation. His ken was expanded, the Englishlevel was improved, and the Chinese space industry and culture were promoted.