The First Chinese Conference of Aerodynamics Successfully Held in Mianyang

2018-08-28 08:52:47

FromAugust 16 to 18, the First Chinese Conference of Aerodynamics (CCA) was held inMianyang. The conference was jointly hosted by Chinese Aerodynamics ResearchSociety(CARS), China AerodynamicsResearch and Development Center (CARDC) and Mianyang MunicipalGovernment.

Onemain conference and 21 thematic and special conferences were convened duringthe three days. The topics included wind engineering and industrial aerodynamics,subsonic/transonic/supersonic aerodynamics, aeroelastics, wind energy applied technologyand wind turbine aerodynamics, hypersonic aerodynamics, physical gas dynamics,flow visualization technique, measurement and control technology, CFD,  etc.. This is the first ever national academicconference on aerodynamics in China. And, 9 professional committees of CARSgathered together for the first time.

Duringthe conference, 7 academicians made presentations on the main conference, 49experts in aerodynamics gave reports on the thematic and special conferences,and 690 reports were delivered for exchanges of views. Experts and scholarsshared their ideas in an effort to tackle challenging and newly-emergedaerodynamic problems.