CFD subconference of the first Chinese conference of aerodynamics successfully hosted

2018-08-28 08:57:01

According to the schedule of the first Chinese conference of aerodynamics,the CFD subconference was successfully hosted by Computational AerodynamicsInstitute, CARDC in August 17-18. Many academic leaders and experts attendedthis subconference including administrative vice director of China aerodynamicssociety professor Yuxin Ren, vice directors of China aerodynamics societyprofessor Zhenghong Gao and professor Ning Zhao, CFD professional committeemembers professor Zuobin Chen and professor Yewei Gui, and director of ComputationalAerodynamics Institute Gang Liu. Vice directors of CARDC Zhigong Tang and JiongYang visited the meeting place of the CFD subconference. The keynote speech waschaired by the director of the CFD professional committee Mingsheng Ma. Morethan 190 delegates attended this subconference. 131 papers were received, and101 oral presentations were presented.

Thesubconference has CFD topic themes and two special sessions. The first specialsession is the CFD reliability study of CHN-T1 benchmark model, and another oneis numerical simulations of sonic boom and low sonic boom configuration designfor supersonic vehicle. Four invited presentations regarding high-order CFDschemes, aerodynamic optimization methods, shock/boundary layer interactions,and mesh generation techniques were respectively presented by professor YuxinRen, professor Wenping Song, professor Xinliang Li, and professor LaipingZhang. Many CFD hotspot topics were discussed in the oral presentationsincluding aerodynamic optimization design, drag reduction, high-ordercomputational method, large eddy simulation, aeroacoustics, performanceevaluation, validation and verification, numerical simulation for benchmarkmodel, and sonic boom study. Six young scholars won the young scholaroutstanding paper award of the conference.

Someconference delegates visited the experimental wind tunnel equipment of CARDC.