State Key Laboratory of Aerodynamic makes a progress in overset grid assembly technique

2018-10-09 15:39:26

Supported by the National Key Research andDevelopment Planand National Natural Science Foundation, the ‘Unstructured Meshand Solver’ research group in State Key Laboratory of Aerodynamic carried out aseries of studies on the unstructured chimera grid method for high performancecomputing. By nearly two years efforts, the research group has successfully developeda chimera grid assemblytechniquewhich is suitable for very large scaled oversetmesh.

To increase the efficiencyand automation, based on the traditional implicit hole-cutting method, theresearch group developed two novel parallel searching methods, the ‘back-groundmesh’ method and the ‘global-to-local’ method. These methods can greatly reduceboth the memory cost and communicating data size. Further the communicatingfrequency was greatly cut by optimizing the strategyfor communicating. Thischimera grid assemblytechnique has a high degree of automation, which can beused to handle complex configurations and multi-body problems. Particularly, it can deal withlarge scaled mesh withbillions of cells. Coupled with unsteady flow solver, rigid body dynamic solverand flight control law, this new technique has been successfully used in thesimulation of multi-body separation and closed-loop control process for typicalflight vehicle.