Recent test technology exchange in wind tunnel between South University of Science and technology and CARDC Wind Tunnel Research Laboratory

2019-04-08 11:38:31

Recently, doctor Elias Arcondoulis from South University of Science andtechnology conducted technical exchange with researchers of Wind Tunnel Research Laboratory. The technology of passive noise control of porousouter cylinder, sound array method and airfoil trailing edgenoise control were exchanged. At thesame time, the flow characteristics of cylinders with different porous outlayers were studied experimentallyin the 0.55m×0.4m Acoustic Wind Tunnel  of CARDC Wind Tunnel Research Laboratory. Theexperiment was completed by Doctor Arcondoulis who is a researcher of SouthUniversity of science and technology. EngineerChao Wang and assistant engineerQian Wen from the Wind Tunnel Research Laboratory in CARDC arealso the main participants of the experiment. The velocity distribution ofcylinders with different porous outlayers were tested in the wind tunnel by the technology of particle velocityimaging. The flow velocity of the experiment varies from 10m/s to 25m/s. Theacoustic wind tunnel is equipped with an anechoic chamber, so it’s easy to capture a more clearly image ofparticles because of the low light intensity background noise. The velocityflied and vortex structure was obtained in this PIV experiment.