General Director Kirill Sypalo of TsAGI visited CARDC

2019-04-15 16:51:06

 2-5 April,General Director Kirill Sypalo of Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI)and his delegation visited China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center(CARDC).

During the visit,TsAGI delegation visited research and test facilities, discussed and exchangedwith General Director Fan Zhaolin of CARDC. In the meeting, both partiesexchanged detailed opinions and suggestions on strengthening mutual cooperationin the future, reached an agreement on implementing cooperation projects ofinterest, expanding cooperation in fields of aerodynamic frontier, and signed acooperation memorandum. Besides, both parties also signed a contract of jointwork of one wind tunnel assessment and design.

  Chief ScientistOfficer, Academician Sergey Chernyshev, Deputy General Director AndreyMaximenko,and Prof. Yu Kunlong, Deputy Director of CARDC, took part in relatedactivities.