Experiment of icing on the cone of aero-engine inlet has been successfully Accomplished in 3m×2m icing wind tunnel

2017-07-04 16:26:23

Full-size aero-engine cone icing experiment was carried out in 3m×2m icing wind tunnel of CARDC recently. The experimental models are full-size metal material structure cones of a real aero-engine, consist of three different degrees. The force of the rotating mechanism is offered by the 12kw servo motor, and the rotating mechanism is installed on the turning table shown in figure1.

      The icing experimental results indicate that the rotating speed, MVD, LWC and temperature would affect the icing characteristics, ice mostly occurs at the leading edge of the aero-engine cone, ice at different temperature shows various shape. The study of the icing accretion on the cone can provide some references for the research of anti-ice of aircraft engine components.