CAI experts were invited to deliver lectures by XMU

2017-07-27 09:22:01

      Invited by Xiamen University (XMU), on July 14th, Prof. Gui Yewei, head of the aerocraft thermal science group of Computational Aerodynamics Institute(CAI), CARDC, together with his group members, visited School of Aerospace, XMU, and carried out a deep academic communication. At XMU, they deliveredlectures to the graduate students as the courses of the summer semester for aerospace heat transfer theory and application. The lectures include “Introduction to aerocraft thermal safety issues” by Prof. Gui Yewei, “Aerodynamic configuration design of hypersonic vehicles” by Prof. Tang Wei, “Stuctural thermal effects and thermal safety issues in aerocrafts” by Prof. Geng Xiangren, “Fluid-thermal-structural coupling problems in aerocraft thermal safety study” by Prof. Du Yanxia, and “Aerocraft thermal environments” by Prof. Zeng Lei. The presentations fromCAI experts were widely concerned by the teachers and students and highly appraised by XMU. The academic communication will better strengthen the academic relationship between XMU and CARDC.