Facility Design and Instrumentation Institute of CARDC Invite Specialists fromNPU to Give Lectures

2017-09-22 09:24:54

On the invitation ofFacility Design and Instrumentation Institute(FDII) of CARDC, Dean Wang Zhanxue, Prof. ZhouLi from School of powerand energy of Northwestern PolitechnicalUniversiity (NPU)visited CARDC and gavelectures on August 18th, 2017. The meeting was presided over by thechief engineer assistant Yang Furong of FDII.

Dean Wang Zhanxuegave a lecture titled “Turbine based Combined Cycle (TBCC) Engine Technology”,which described the dynamic requirement of the hypersonic vehicle in theatmosphere, the current situations of TBCC engine, the modeling of the engine,and the works of The Jet Propulsion Research Lab of NPU. Prof. Zhou Li gave alecture titled “Low Detectability S Curved Stealth Nozzle Research”, whichdescribed the latest research in the analysis and design of S curved stealthnozzle.

      The technical issues of lectures and futuretechnical cooperationwere warmly discussed in the meeting.