LE-700 Aircraft Power Simulation Wind Tunnel Experiment Successfully Completed in 8m×6m Wind Tunnel of CARDC

2017-11-02 09:54:20

LE-700 aircraft is a primary propeller trainer with 4 seats andpowered by an engine, which is researched and developed by our country. The  aircraft has normal configuration which has a rectangular high-wing supportedby two diagonal bars and tricycle landing gears. The power simulation wind tunnel  experiment of the aircraft was successfully completed in 8m×6m wind tunnel of  CARDC.

       In the experiment, the 1:2.2 scaled metal model is used and the forces of the  aircraft and the propeller are measured by two different balances. The  aerodynamic characters and the slipstream effects of the  aircraft are obtainedin the experiment, which provide reliable data for the design of the aircraft.