Tang Zhigong wins the Scientific and Technological Prize of Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation

2017-11-02 10:01:26

The 2017 Award Ceremony of the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation (HLHL) was heldin Beijing on October 25. Among the 52 winners of awards, Tang Zhigong, chiefengineer of CARDC, was honored with the Scientific and Technological Prize(Mathematics and Mechanics Prize) of Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation.

Tang has long been engaged in aerodynamic research and application. He hasacquired systematic and innovative findings in hypersonic test facility system construction,test theory and test technology development and aerodynamic design of new flightvehicles. He has also obtained outstanding achievements in solving keyaerodynamic problem of new flight vehicle development with great contributionsto the developments of aerodynamics discipline and flight vehicles for China.

         The Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundationis a Hong Kong-based non-government organization established on 30 March, 1994with funds donated from the charitable foundations of S. H. Ho (He Shanheng),Leung Kau-Kui(Liang Qiuju), Ho Tim(He Tian), and Lee Quo-wei(Li Guowei). Thepurpose is to award outstanding scientist in China, fostering a socialenvironment that respects knowledge, respects talents and worships science. TheHLHL Science and Technology Award has rewarded excellent Chinese scholars inscience and technology for 23 years and stood out for its fairness andauthority. It now enjoys high reputation among scientific academia and othersocial communities domestically and is gaining global influence overseas.