Dr. Huang Xuegang’s paper was selected as the National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation

2017-11-22 15:27:27

Recently China OrdnanceSociety (COS) announced the final result of the first selection of NationalExcellent Doctoral Dissertation in the subject of armament science andtechnology. According to expert recommendation and peer review, 9 papers havebeen elected as the National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation, and 7 as theNational Excellent Dissertation nomination papers from 2013 to 2015. Dr. HuangXuegang from CARDC wins the National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation based onthe doctoral dissertation “Study on Combustion Synthesis in High-gravity Fieldand Anti-penetration Performance of TiB2-based Ceramics and TiB2-basedCeramic/metal composites” of 2014 and the academic research achievements of2015 in CARDC.

 Dr. Huang’s research interests includehypervelocity impact theory, advanced composite materials and protectivestructure against space debris. Dr. Huang also leads some important projectsincluding Natural Science Foundation of China, and has published more than 20papers indexed by SCI.