HAI hosted the Symposium of Mechanism and Application Research on Boundary Layer Transition/ Turbulence

2017-11-22 15:29:50

HAI of CARDC hosted Symposium of Mechanismand Application Research on Boundary Layer Transition/ Turbulence at theconference center of CARDC on 21st September, 2017.

The symposium invited 4 well-known domesticexperts to give keynote presentations, including Prof. Fu Song from TsinghuaUniversity, Prof. Li Chunbiao from Peking University, Research Fellow Shen Qingand Research Fellow Yuan Xiangjiang from CAAA. About 100 researchers attendedthis symposium, including Research Fellow Luo Jinling from CASIC, ResearchFellow Liu Sen and Senior Engineer Li Sixin of HAI. The symposium was chairedby Research Fellow Yang Yanguang of HAI.

          The 4 experts’ presentation introduced their newly research progressof the fundamental research and related application on Boundary LayerTransition/ Turbulence, analyzed current problems and possible strategies. Theattendees asked questions actively and made good exchanges during this meeting.