Specialists from University of Stuttgart visited CARDC

2017-12-27 12:42:09

On the invitation of HAI, CARDC, Prof.StefanosFasoulas,the Director of Institute of Space Systems (IRS), and Dr. Stefan Löhle, theHead of High Enthalpy Flow Diagnostics Group,IRS, University of Stuttgart,visited Mianyang from 28th to 29th November, 2017.

 During the visit,Prof. StefanosFasoulasintroduced the overview activities in research and education of IRS, presentedhis research work on PICLas software, and miniaturized gas sensors for terrestrialand space application. Dr. Stefan Löhle made a presentation on “HighEnthalpy Flow Diagnostics-Probe Measurements and Non-intrusive DiagnosticApproaches”. Both parties made academic exchanges and discussed the possible cooperationon education and research.

 Prof. StefanosFasoulas ismainly do the researchon experimental and numerical re-entry simulation, electric space propulsion,gas sensors for space experiments and related new production methods, energyund life support systems, space system and mission analysis, gas kineticsimulation (DSMC), and technology transfer to terrestrial applications. Dr.Stefan Löhle’sresearchfocused on thehigh enthalpy flow diagnostics, including probemeasurements and non-intrusive diagnostic approaches.

    The visit enhanced mutual understanding andlaid a good foundation for both parties to strengthen exchanges.