Specialists from KMUST and CAEP were invited to give lectures at HAI, CARDC

2017-12-27 12:43:54

On theinvitation of Hypervelocity Aerodynamics Institute (HAI), CARDC, Prof. Yu Lanand Prof. Chen Liangwei from Kunming University of Science and Technology(KMUST) and Research Fellow Gao Yang from Institute of Electronic Engineering, ChinaAcademy of Engineering Physics (CAEP) visited HAI, CARDC on Dec. 18th, 2017. Prof.Yu Lan and Research Fellow Gao Yang gave lectures during the visit.

 Prof. Yu Langave a presentation titled “Atomic Layer Thermopile (ALTP) and Detection”,which introduced the characteristics of ALTP and her group’s research progresson the strongly correlated materials.

 In thepresentation “Brief Introduction of MEMS (Micro-electro-mechanical systems)”, ResearchFellow Gao Yang illustrated the develop history of MEMS and introduced he andhis colleagues’ work in this research field.

      During the visit, theparties also discussed possible problems of ALTP’s application in wind-tunneltests.