AIA editorial board meeting & 1st International Symposium on Advances in Aerodynamics

2018-05-14 16:57:15

AIA editorial board meeting & 1st International Symposium on Advances in Aerodynamics

December14-15, 2018, Chengdu,China

1. Overview

Advances inAerodynamics (AIA) will be a new journal launched by Chinese AerodynamicsSociety and administratively supported by China Aerodynamics Research andDevelopment Center (CARDC) in 2018. It will be served as an important platformin promoting research activities in the fields of world aerodynamics. InDecember 2018, the first editorial board meeting will be held to discuss thefuture plan and development of the journal. At the same time, an internationalsymposium on advances in aerodynamics (ISAIA) will be hosted. The symposiuminvites researchers and engineers from universities, academic institutes, andindustry to exchange ideas and discuss the current and future directions forthe advances in aerodynamics. The symposium is to strength research activitiesand promote technology developments in the fields of, but not limited to, basictheory and applications in fluid dynamics, hydrodynamics and aerodynamics.

   Organized by        Chinese Aerodynamics Research Society

   Co-organized by     China Aerodynamics Research andDevelopment Center

2. Time& Venue

The meeting willbe held on December 14-15, 2018 in Chengdu, China, which is the hometown of thePanda. It is also known as the “Country of Heaven” and the “Land of Abundance”.It is famous for Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries, Dujiangyan Irrigation system,Mount Qingcheng, Wuhou Shrine, Du Fu thatched cottage, and many others.

3. Sessions

All submittedpapers must be written and presented in English. Papers are invited on allaspects of innovative theory and applications in aerodynamics &hydrodynamics.

   +computational fluid dynamics

   +experimental fluid dynamics

   +model flight test

   +low-speed, high-speed, ultra-high-speedaerodynamics

   +wind tunnel design and measurementtechnology

   +air-breathing hypersonic technology

   +aerodynamics in optics, acoustics, stealth,magneto-hydrodynamics

   +super high speed collision and protection

   +flow control

   +multiscale coupling and simulation

   +weak signal processing

   +environmental pollution control and weatherforecast

   +wind energy conversion and utilization

   +automobile design


4.Paper Submission

Authors who willmake presentation in the symposium should submit the abstract following theguide on the website of ISAIA 2018 (

   ► Abstract Submission                  Jul 25, 2018           By email

   ► Notification of Acceptance             Aug 15, 2018          By email

   ► Manuscript Submission Deadline        Sep 15, 2018          By email

5.Registration Fee

The registration feefor the symposium will be waived. AIA editorial board members may get financialsupport for the accommodation and travel expenses from the OrganizingCommittee.

6.Organizing Committee

Zhigong Tang

ChineseAerodynamics Research Society

Kun Xu

Hong KongUniversity of Science and Technology

Dongsheng Wen


Yuxin Ren


Jianping Wang


Jiazhong Zhang

Xi'an JiaotongUniversity

Chengwen Zhong

NorthwestPolytechnic University

Gang Liu

ChinaAerodynamics Research and Development Center

Jiangqiang Chen

ChinaAerodynamics Research and Development Center

Laiping Zhang

ChinaAerodynamics Research and Development Center

Zhihui Li

ChinaAerodynamics Research and Development Center

7.Symposium 2018 Secretariat


  Zhi Fu, CARDC, China