10th International Symposium on Strain-Gauge Balances

2016-01-12 11:15:37


16-19 May, 2016, the 10th InternationalSymposium on Strain-Gauge Balances was held in China Aerodynamics Research andDevelopment Center (CARDC), which is located in Mianyang City, Sichuan Provinceof China. Prof. Tang Zhigong, Chief Engineer of CARDC, took the position of theSymposium Chairman. Prof. Liu Sen, Deputy Director of Science and TechnologyDepartment of CARDC, and Dr. Dennis Booth from Triumph Aerospace Systems,America acted as vice chairman. Prof. Fan Zhaolin, General Director of CARDCwas present at the Symposium.

International Symposium on Strain-GaugeBalances was founded in 1996 by NASA, aiming at providing an open platform forglobal balance research experts, where they can exchangelatest research goalsand discuss development tendency of balance technologies.

The10th Symposium was hosted by CARDC, and it’s the first time for theSymposium to be held outside America and European countries. More than 60experts from 22 organizations of 8 countries attended the Symposium, including30 experts from NASA, AEDC, Boeing, ETW, DNW, TU Darmstadt, ONERA, NLR andTsAGI. 29 oral presentations, 13 posters, focus on balance design andcalibration technology were exchanged during the Symposium. And the Symposiumrepresentatives visited theicing wind tunnel, aeroacoustic wind tunnel, 2.4m×2.4m transonic wind tunnel, 2m×2m supersonic wind tunnel, 8m×6m low speed wind tunnel, Φ5m vertical wind tunnel and balance calibrationrigsin CARDC.


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Moreinformation, please visit the symposium website: www.balancesymposium.com.