State Key Laboratory of Aerodynamics, CARDC

 In May, 2008, authorized by the State Ministry of Science and Technology, the construction of State Key Laboratory of Aerodynamics (SKLA) was formally began. In November, 2011, the Laboratory passed the acceptance tests of the ministry. The current director of the Lab is Researcher Wang Xunnian, and the chairman of the Academic Committee is Academician Li Jiachun.
  With the construction of both a group of high-quality talents and a platform for the interaction and mutual promotion of theories, techniques, methods and model development at its core, the basic research and original innovation as its guide, and the achievement of landmark research results with independent intellectual property rights that can largely improve domestic economy and national defense as its objective, the Lab has established a platform for aerodynamic basic research and advanced technology development. With a permanent staff of 57, among whom 55 are researchers and 2 managers, the Lab is divided into 5 research teams whose members unexceptionally have Master's or Doctor's degrees, 78.2% of them conferred with senior professional titles. The Lab covers an area of 4,710 square meters, including 5 research wind tunnels and 4 platforms of first-class scientific research conditions represented by the large computer clusters.
  The Lab engages itself in researches of aerodynamics and flow mechanisms of flight vehicles, fundamental issues of low speed aerodynamics and key technologies of large-scale national basic consition platform of aerodynamics, and has undertaken or finished over 100 basic research projects or applied basic research projects including that of 973, 863 and NSFC. 

Major achievements: 

1. Obtained innovative results in the research of high-precision computing methods, the development of high-precision software and its application in key national projects, keeps leading the field internationally;

2. Based on the research work of key technologies in ground transportation and wind power utilization, established advanced experimental research platforms and took part in aerodynamic performance evaluation of several wind turbines and almost all high speed trains in China, which provided strong support for the development of domestic ground transportation and wind power utilization;

3. Made domestically leading research achievements in the research of key technology of aerodynamic design of large wind tunnel ground test facilities, provided technical support for construction of high-quality large-scale low speed and high speed wind tunnels in China.

In addition, the Lab has obtained 1 second prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award, 19 Ministerial Scientific and Technological Progress Awards including 4 first prizes, 7 second prizes and 8 third prizes, 13 invention patents and 2 software copyrights, and published 232 SCI or EI papers. It has hosted, untertaken or co-organized 14 influential academic conferences at home and abroad, published more than 300 conference papers, invited over 70 renowned domestic and foreign experts to the Lab for visits or lectures, and employed 3 guest researchers.

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