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Brief introduction of PHengLEI software
    PHengLEI software is a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software platform developed by China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center (CARDC) with complete independent intellectual property rights. CARDC has professional research institutions for CFD studies in China, first-class research teams, and rich technical reserves. A number of special software were developed for particular field in fluid dynamics. CARDC has accumulated abundant experience in the fields of aeronautics, astronautics, vehicle engineering, wind engineering, ship design and so on.

    PHengLEI is structured/unstructured general brand CFD software, developed on the basis of existing software in CARDC and making full use of years of technical reserves on the developing of structured/unstructured professional software. The range of applied flow velocity covers low speed, subsonic and transonic speed, and hypersonic speed. Modern software engineering method was employed as the guidance in the process of the software development, and the software architecture for next generation was designed in consideration of the CFD industrial feartures. PHengLEI has structured solver and unstructured solver. A second-order finite volume method is used in PHengLEI to solve Reynolds averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) equations. Several schemes are integrated, such as Roe,Van-Leer,AUSM,Steger-Warming and so on. SA and SST turbulence models are provided. The equations are solved efficiently by using large scale parallel computing technology and explicit/implicit time scheme. The software provides interfaces for common pre-processing/post-processing software, such as Gridgen, ICEM-CFD, Tecplot, FieldView and so on. PHengLEI software has cross-platform Human-Computer Interface. Users can operate only one interface to perform the calculations in parallel on the local computer or the remote cluster.

PHengLEI software function introduction

   In April 2016, the software version 1.0 was released for free download. It has the following functions:
structured/unstructured solvers,
2D/3D steady calculation,
inviscid, laminar, and RANS equation solving,
one-equation SA turbulence model, two-equation SST turbulence model,
and PC/server integrated parallel computing (1024 processes).

PHengLEI software download
   Potential users download the application form, then fill the form and send it to the email address: After approved, the user can download the software.


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