Low Speed Aerodynamics

Low speed aerodynamic research areas mainly contain the inviscid and incompressible flow with the flight Mach number lower than 0.4, covering several applications in aeronautics, astronautics, voyage and wind engineering.

China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center (CARDC) performs experimental, theoretical study and strives to make technological breakthrough in  low speed aerodynamics, develops low speed wind tunnel test techniques, investigates the test data application, testifies and evaluates the technical performance and application effects of aircrafts, flight or movements concerned. Over 40 years of efforts, Low Speed Aerodynamics Institute (LSAI) of CARDC has established a full functional, complete dimensional, velocity successive facility system step by step ranging from static to dynamic, from unpowered to powered, from small AOA to high AOA, from scaled model to full model test.

In the low speed flow field, CARDC has the capacity of complete/semi-span model force and pressure measurement test, ground effect test, high AOA test, powered propeller simulation test, turbofan powered simulation test, inlet test, jet test, weapon delivery and captive trajectory system, rotary balance test, aircraft spin test, wind tunnel virtual flight test and wind tunnel free flight test, forced oscillation test, wing rocking test, flutter test, gust test, large amplitude oscillation test, thrust vector test, hinge moment test, wind load test of rockets, ship test, helicopter rotors/fuselage/tail rotor test, parachutes and capsule test, eject seats test, cruising underwater object test, training jump, wind load test on buildings, vehicles test, turbine test, wind load test on bridges, wind environment test, flow field visualization and measurement (smoke steam, oil stream, tufts, PIV), plasma flow control test, flying vehicles icing/anti-icing/de-icing test,  aeroacoustic test.

Research Fields

1. Aerodynamics/flight/control integration test technique

2. Aircraft engine  simulation test technology

3. Test techniques of helicopter

4. Aero-acoustic  test technique 

5. Technology of aircraft icing and anti/de-icing