High Speed Aerodynamics

High speed aerodynamics focuses on the interactions between aircraft and air at a speed ranging from M0.4 to M5.0.

China Aerodynamics Research and Development CenterCARDCis committed to high speed aerodynamics testing and research to provide test data and aerodynamic solutions for the development of aeronautical and aerospace vehicles. 

We are capable of designing and optimizing the aerodynamic configuration of aircraft at M=0.4-5.0. We possess the test and research capability to study steady and unsteady flows and to solve relevant aerodynamic problems at M=0-4.5 and Re= 0.6×106-17.0×106. We can also perform inlet and nozzle test at mass flow rate of 3kg/s and propulsion/airframe integration test. We have developed experimental and numerical approaches to investigating aerodynamics/control coupling characteristics at M=0.4-0.9. We are experienced in designing and manufacturing of model and balance for high speed wind tunnel testing. Aiming at achieving innovative development in aerospace industry together with theoretical and technical breakthroughs, CARDC seeks to develop multi-disciplinary approach through the fusion of high speed aerodynamics with computer, material, electronics, and control sciences.

Research Fields 

1. Wind Tunnel and Flight Correlation of Large Aircraft

2. Aeroelasticity

3. High Angle of Attack Dynamic Aerodynamics

4. Aero-Engine Internal Flow