Airbreathing Hypersonic Technology

Airbreathing Hypersonic Technology mainly refers to the vehicle technology which is driven by air-breathing propulsion system when the flight Mach number is larger than 5 to realize hypersonic long-range flight in and across the atmosphere.

China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center (CARDC) devotes itself to continuously improving its airbreathing hypersonic technology research capabilities. After years of development, we have developed three research methods including theory and numerical analysis, ground test and flight test. In researches of hypersonic vehicle with airframe/propulsion integrated design and scramjet, we have made a lot of achievements. Large, medium and small, impulse and continuous airbreathing hypersonic propulsion test facilities have been built, which can simulate the flight Mach number from 4 to 7, the altitude from 18km to 30km, the model scale from 0.5m to 5.0m and the running time from 0.1ms to 60s. The inhouse massive parallel CFD software for simulating hypersonic combustion flow satisfies the needs of analyzing hypersonic vehicle internal and external flow and simulating scramjet combustor internal flow and analyzing performance precisely, which makes great contributions to developing the airbreathing hypersonic vehicles with airframe/propulsion integrated design and scramjet research.

Research Fields 

1. Integrated Vehicle Aerodynamics Design

2. Air-breathing engine technology

3. Combustion aerodynamics