Model Flight Test

Model Flight Test is a very important experimental means based on aircraft similarity scale model. Through flight experiments in the atmosphere, the flight parameters can be measured, and the aircraft characteristics of aerodynamics and aerothermodynamics can be obtained by parameter identification method, which can validate numerical simulation result and ground test data, demonstrate and verify new configuration, new concept and new technology about aerodynamics.

Model Flight Test of China Aerodynamic Research and Development Center mainly aims at studying the aerodynamics and aerothermodynamics performance of flight vehicles, and the verification of new flight technology and experimental techniques. The research includes the study of aerodynamic performance of taking-off, landing, stall and post-stall at high angle of attack, spin, and other maneuvering flight,  demonstration and verification of new aerodynamic configuration, evolution of the flight control and stability system, aerodynamics and aerothermodynamics performance of hypersonic spacecraft, flight mechanics of aircrafts, the parameter identification method, and so on.

Until now, a series of the model flight tests have been completed, including zero lift drag measurement, vertical derivative and rudder efficient measurement, aerial bomb launching experimentation, stall/spin experimentation, warhead particle cloud erosion experimentation. In recent years, CARDC first put forward the concept of carrying out aviation aircraft Model flight test in the way of autonomous control with power, and successfully applied to aviation aircraft scale model conventional angle of attack aerodynamic, stall/spin experimentation and post-stall maneuver experimentation, mastered a series of key technologies, including aircraft scale model overall design, aerodynamic modeling and analysis, high static stability control, autonomous taking off and landing, autonomous navigation flight control, autonomous tail spin entering and recovery control, vector thrust experimentation and control, high angle of attack measurement, post-stall maneuver control, closed loop aerodynamic parameter identification, etc.

Research Field

 Model flight test technology