Aerodynamic Design and Evaluation of Aircraft

Aerodynamic design and evaluation of aircraft is an important part in the development of aircraft. Aerodynamic design of the aircraft is to optimize the configuration and geometric parameters of the aircraft to improve the aerodynamic and flight performances. The performance evaluation of the aircraft is the process to evaluate the aerodynamic, flight, flight control, stealth, structural strength, dynamic performance of the aircraft by means of wind tunnel test, numerical simulation, flight simulation and flight test in the process of aircraft design and using. The two aspects form an organic integration: the merits of the aerodynamic design of aircraft need to be judged by the assessment, and aerodynamic design innovation will continue to promote the development of assessment methods and means.

China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center (CARDC), within the aerodynamic design and evaluation of aircraft research, mainly carries out study and application on multidisciplinary comprehensive aerodynamic design technology, aerodynamic and flight test analysis and evaluation technology. Based on fundamental research and engineering applications, closely integrated with high-performance computing technology and data analysis and reuse technology, a high efficiency and high precision aerodynamic comprehensive design and performance evaluation platform has been established.

Now, CARDC is planning to build a world-class aircraft aerodynamic design and evaluation system, including aerodynamic configuration concept design system, aerodynamic integrated design optimization platform, aerodynamic/flight performance evaluation system, therefore providing a strong guarantee for the development of the new generation of aerospace vehicles.

Research Fields

1. Aircraft design and optimization research

2. Flight dynamics, simulation and evaluation