Aircraft Design and Optimization Research


General Description 

The study of Aircraft Design and Optimization in China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center (CARDC) firstly began in the 1980s. Leaded by Professor Chen Zuobin, our team has successively developed a series of in-house numerical simulation platforms for the subsonic-transonic-supersonic aerodynamic characteristics analysis of complex aircraft configurations, including full potential equations calculation software, Euler/NS equations calculation software, subsonic-transonic - supersonic CFD computing platform (TRIP) and so on. At the same time, a large number of subsonic-transonic-supersonic aerodynamic characteristics analyses, evaluation and improvement work for aircraft have been performed and a number of key aerodynamic problems in major engineering projects were solved. After 2000, our team also carried out study on aerodynamic optimization design method based on control theory and multi-objective optimization method combined with surrogate model, developed digital integration platform for aerodynamic optimization design and evaluation (DIPasda) and participated in the aerodynamic design and optimization work for several airplanes. Now our team has a research staff of 30, their research covering (but not limited to) the investigation on aerodynamic design optimization method, aerodynamic design optimization and the new concept aerodynamic configuration design.

Research Work 

The research is mainly based on the aerodynamic design optimization methods and application research, now moving toward the direction of multidisciplinary optimization design. With these developed technology and method, our team performs the design and optimization of aircraft work and explores new concept aerodynamic configurations.

In terms of aerodynamic optimization method, our team mainly focuses on the parameterization method of the aerodynamic configuration, construction and evaluation techniques of surrogate model, multi-objective optimization algorithm, robust optimization method and so on. In the direction of multidisciplinary design optimization, this team mainly carries out studies on MDO software framework development, aerodynamic-stealth comprehensive optimization method and aerodynamic-structural optimization method.

In the application of aerodynamic design optimization, our team mainly undertakes aerodynamic optimization design research for civil wide-body jets, multi-objective optimization design research for rotor airfoils, small UAVs aerodynamic design, the concept aerodynamic optimization for supersonic aircraft and so on.

In the new concept aerodynamic configurations research, our team is currently targeting lateral-directional stability and control problems and exploring the configuration design for subsonic and supersonic two kinds of flat blended wing-body configuration.

Our team has obtained 1 National Science Conference Award, 1 First, 1 Second and 1 Third prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, 5 First, 8 Second, and 3 Third prize of Ministerial-level Scientific and Technological Progress Award. Our team has also published more than 70 papers and trained more than 20 Ph. D and master students.

Academic Leader


 Prof. Chen Zuobin

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