Flight Dynamics, Simulation and Evaluation

General Description

China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center was the first institute to carry out flight dynamics, simulation and evaluation research work in China since 1970s, leaded by Professor Cai Jinshi, a famous flight dynamics expert in China. At the beginning, the main research subjects of flight dynamics, simulation and evaluation research team were aircraft/spacecraft flight dynamics, parameter estimation of flight test. After more than 40 years of development, the staff and the research fields of the team have been developed greatly. Nowadays, the group has 20 members, most of whom have Ph.D degree, and the major research fields include the basic scientific research and engineering applications of flight simulation and evaluation, aerothermodynamics estimation, guidance and control, aerodynamics modeling, data correlation analysis and fusion, engineering data reutilization, as well as the traditional ascendancies of aircraft/spacecraft flight dynamics and aerodynamics estimation. All these work have been playing important role in solving engineering problems of the development of Chinese flight vehicles.

Research Work

As for the key technology of system identification and parameter estimation, the research group pioneered the development of proprietary aircraft aerodynamic parameter estimation software, which has been widely applied to various types of aeronautical and aerospace vehicles and "Shenzhou" re-entry capsules. Because of its outstanding performance, this software won the 3rd prize of Science and Technology Progress Award in 1991. In recent years, the system identification theory and method have been extended to aerothermodynamics estimation and engineering turbulence model identification. And the estimation methods of membership identification and genetic algorithm based estimation have also been thoroughly investigated.

In the field of flight dynamics, the innovative work on “aircraft stall and spin predict system” have been carried out with combination of theoretical analysis, numerical computation, wind tunnel test and subscale model flight test. This work also was awarded the 3rd prize of the Prize of Science and Technology Progress in 1996. For the last few years, some new researches such as aircraft stability and control analysis, classic control law design, modern control methods using dynamic inversion and variable structure control method, have also been studied.

In addition, aerodynamic performance evaluation system was established, and the evaluation criteria, systemization and norms of evaluation, general flight simulation software are studied. Some aircrafts have been evaluated with this system.

As to data correlation analysis and reutilization, data fusion method based on mathematic model was established. At the same time, some correlation modeling methods, such as Orthogonal Least Square method, Neural Network method and Support Vector Machine method, are studied. Moreover, other research works such as unsteady aerodynamic modeling, correlation analysis between flight and wind tunnel, data mining of aerodynamic data are ongoing.

Academic Leader


Prof. He Kaifeng

Contact Information 

Email: hekaifeng@cardc.cn